This site is for all truckers across Northern America and across the Nation! Sam Little, also known as Singin' Sam, began trucking in 1969. He has trucked all over North America through his years. He currently has his own company called "Little Country: that is based out of Washington and Alaska, that hauls throughout the West Coast and Alaska.
Throughout the "Trucker Shutdowns" that took place in 1979. and 2008, Sam held rallies throughout the West Coast, Georgia and Alabama with his song "Trucker Shutdown"! Sam is working on starting up rallies again in 2011 throughout Canada and the West Coast of America to send the message for all truckers that "It's Time for a Real Trucker Shutdown"!
We will be posting rallies on our sites as they are scheduled with out "Travel America Campaign"! If you want to schedule a rally in your area, contact us to set up a meeting with us.
Thank You, and God Bless!
Singin' Sam Little
The way the economy is going today, where will we be tomorrow?
We need to come together as "ONE" and fight those who are hurting our families. Not physically, but together with "Word of Mouth", bringing awareness and communication, we can be more powerful than anything!
Join Us and Fight!
With the crazy fuel prices that we are experiencing across the country right now, Singin' Sam Little has re-recorded "Trucker Shutdown", a song about what is going on in the country now. It will be ready for download for everyone to purchase to help support out "Travel America Campaign" as we spread the word to help bring awareness to our fellow Americans.
Contact your local radio stations and ask them to play this song today!


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